Building a Colorful Blockchain World, AOA is Born for Providing Technology Solutions for the Entire Industry

Breaking the Bottleneck of the Traditional Public Chain, the AOA Public Chain Creates Unlimited Possibilities

In recent years, the term “blockchain” has swept the entire network, and with the upsurge of blockchain development, many market chaos and blockchain technology problems have gradually emerged.

1. Many blockchain projects are only created for tokens, and the project itself does not provide any solution to the blockchain industry.

At present, many blockchain projects have insufficient capabilities. Although they are public chains, there are no actual solution to the blockchain industry.

Basically, many projects only survive by issuing coins. It can be said that they are totally speculating and have no practicality at all, and such projects are doomed to fail.

2. Pseudo-decentralization, most of the projects are truly centralized.

Decentralization is the essence of the blockchain and the ultimate dream of every blockchain project. However, many projects today hold high the ideal banner of decentralization, but in fact, the output is still a centralized application. In the eyes of many speculators, a project that survives is a good project. So they disregard the actual value of the project only in how much profit the project can earn.

3. Public chain performance bottlenecks.

Low throughput, slow transaction speed, and high transfer fees are performance issues that currently exist on public chains. So scalability, speed and efficiency are the pain points that limit the commercial application of blockchain.

For a good project, not only does it have to provide solution to the blockchain industry, but it also needs greater commercial value, so that the project can go further. AOA (Aurora) is such a project.

As the leader of the public chain, AOA is not the same as the ordinary public chain. It is a decentralized application platform based on the third-generation blockchain technology. The problem of upgrading is accelerating the deep integration with various industries. This advantage lies in that the general public chain application scenarios will be relatively single, while multiple industries will have more opportunities, and the application scenarios of AOA will be more diverse. At the same time, AOA’s original Themis consensus mechanism with good security and super processing capacity will also solve the performance bottleneck of the public chain and help projects to be better implemented.

Under such goals and background, the technical strength of AOA is an important foundation. It uses the DPOS + FBT consensus mechanism. The most important thing in distributed is consistency. On the basis of fast consensus, the risk of forks can be minimized. The use of P2P stereo networks can achieve faster and safer communication in a hierarchical manner. The intelligent control in the Pending area can ensure that applications do not affect each other.

In addition, in order to be able to provide good DAPP basic support, the AOA architecture has been designed at six levels, from the data layer, the network layer, the consensus layer, the service layer, the contract layer to the application layer, to build a solid technical foundation. The Aurora Chain includes the application integration research and development platform AuroraDEV, the decentralized application distribution system AuroraDist, the decentralized exchange AuroraDEX, the decentralized universal identity system AuroraDID, and the open comprehensive blockchain payment system AuroraPay.

AuroraDEV, as a research and development platform, greatly reduces the development cost of developers and creates a very good development environment for developers. It can make different project applications to be powerfully developed on it. For the high-end game developers, this is a huge benefit.

AuroraDist is of great help to the e-commerce industry that needs to be vigorously promoted. As we all know, selling goods is the current mainstream form, and marketing is an important part of it. The layer is a difficult point. In the face of such problems, AuroraDist uses big data and user portraits for accurate placement and marketing. And this method is also applicable to other industries such as finance and games, which greatly solves the problems existing in marketing.

As a real decentralized exchange, AuroraDEX can realize the automatic execution of contracts by using code to ensure the decentralization of transactions without the participation of third parties. As an Aurora platform token, AOA can be circulated in many different industries. For example, for assets in games, the currencies in the AOA ecosystem can be directly traded across games, which is very convenient. At the same time, it also makes the game industry more playable and extensible. Of course, in the e-commerce industry, AOA is also a peer-to-peer transaction. Without the participation of a third party, every customer can become a policeman, allowing illegal merchants to hide.

AuroraDID is an identity verification mark. Just like Apple’s faceID, this ID can be shared between different applications, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your password. At the same time, the safety factor is also relatively high, which can well protect the safety of users.

If AuroraDID is Apple’s faceID, AuroraPay is similar to Apple’s Apple Pay. In the Aurora ecosystem, multiple assets are supported, and various DAPPs are completely opened up, making it convenient for users and operators to pay.

After understanding the strong AOA ecology and strong technical strength, I believe that many people are still thinking, what is the current development of such a public chain? Can it continue to develop steadily in the future? Obviously, the answer is yes.

At present, the price of AOA Aurora Chain is about $0.00457USD, and it has been registered in 6 mainstream exchanges such as Bithumb, MXC, and Kucoin. Ranked 112 in Coinmarketcap’s market capitalization, the total market capitalization reached 28,893,253 USD, and the trading volume was gratifying.

The AOA Aurora chain’s project organizers have organized and co-organized more than 100 offline events around the world. With more than 400,000 community users worldwide, the community members cover Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, South America, Japan, South Korea and China. Telegram community with multiple languages ​​includes English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, etc. The members have wide coverage and the community is very active. At the same time, AOA Aurora Chain has a strong community volunteer system and a community code contributor system. The code has been updated more than 300,000 lines, and the code is still actively being updated.

AOA Aurora Chain has been invested by many well-known investment institutions such as Eight-dimensional Capital, Imagination Fund, Ke Yin Capital, Egret Technology, Higgs Network and other well-known investment institutions. Among them, Bawei Capital holds high-quality resources from China and the United States, with a total capital scale of more than 60 million U.S. dollars and investment in five countries. Among the 40 blockchain companies they have invested in, many have become industry unicorns. Egret Technology is a provider dedicated to providing technical solutions and services for the entire mobile Internet industry. It has more than 350,000 active developers worldwide. And it has reached in-depth cooperation with Xiaomi, 360, Tencent, Baidu, Cheetah, and Microsoft.

The overall strength of AOA Aurora Chain is strong. Not only does it have strong technology and rich human resources, it has outperformed ordinary public chain projects in all aspects. As long as the AOA Aurora chain can continue to develop steadily in the future and combine with more industries, I believe that Aurora Chain will definitely create a different public chain legend!



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