Aurora Monthly Update | March 1–31, 2020

【Technology Development】

1. Develop and optimize the low-level implementation of smart contract storage bytecode to achieve more efficient contract data storage.

2. The implementation of the “Protocol Buffer” for the transaction structure has integrated into RPC and testing has passed. This feature will replace other functions and is 75% complete.

3. Tentatively adopted a pledge coinage mode to support asset transfer between multiple chains. The testing phase has started.

4. The new multi-asset solution transformation is complete. Its storage optimization and intelligent contract customizable personalized design interface are complete. The testing phase has started.

5. Researching multi-chain & cross-chain communication features interacting with the cross-chain communication protocol is complete. The practical coding stage has started.

6. The smart contract data splitting scheme adopts the virtual node data fragmentation mechanism and enters the development stage.

7. Researched QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) communication protocol to optimize message transmission on P2P networks and is 35% complete.

8. Investigated zero-knowledge proof zk-SNARKs technology to further enhance the privacy of on-chain transactions.

【Community Development】

1. The first AMA event of the Achain Galaxy in 2020 was successfully held in the English telegram group on March 18. The founder Cui Meng responded to the questions raised by the overseas users about project technology, community, market, ecosystem. He also elaborated and prospected the future development of Achain Galaxy. To read the AMA please visit:

2. Aurora overseas Twitter “AOA Giveaway 2020” 2nd event is open. For more details, please see

3. Achain founder Cui Meng revealed in AMA that the recently launched ATT project on Bithumb Global will soon become another important member of the Achain Galaxy and the first European project in the Achain Galaxy. Details will be announced.

4. Alliance, a well-known Korean blockchain investment institution, is very optimistic about the future direction of ATT, a member of the Achain Galaxy. Achain has signed a strategic cooperation with ATT which gives strong funding support and will localize ATT within the Korean community and support comprehensive Korean public activities.

5. Achain member Eminer prepares for the upcoming Bitcoin halving which coincides with the wet weather season which lowers the electricity price from May. Eminer contacted the authorities in preparation for the anticipated water supply and is ready to leverage the wet season to strengthen their business.

6. The Achain community congratulates ATT, a member of the Achain Galaxy, on Bithumb Global, the world’s largest exchange. The ATT landing on Bithumb Global shows the mainstream market’s recognition of ATT, a member of the Achain Galaxy, and has greatly promoted the growth and development of the Achain Galaxy.

7. The well-known exchange Bithumb Global and ATT, a reserve member of the Achain Galaxy, commenced large-scale publicity in South Korea for the ATT launch and excitement quickly escalated.

8. The well-known foreign blockchain media Coinspeaker and Blockmanity released the news “ATT decentralized information communication protocol” “In Front of Data Interests, How Will Blockchain + Social Do? ATT Offers a New Solution”, affirming the development potential of ATT, a member of the Achain Galaxy.

9. With the improvement of the Achain 2.0 contract system and the popularity of DeFi products such as Uniswap and compound protocols. Achain Capital will also focus on similar solutions and welcome global developers to contribute code based on the 2.0 mainnet. Priority will be given to those projects for the investment if related products are available,

10. Achain Galaxy team selected 4 best user questions in the AMA and distributed rewards. We appreciate users that consistently provide support. For details please visit:

11. ※ Note ※

The Aurora chain has no official airdrop robot activities or obtains AOA activities by sending ETH to the specified address.

The only official English Telegram group:


Official AOA contract ID:



Telegram fake groups and airdrop bots:





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