Aurora Monthly Update | June 1–30, 2020

【Technology Development】

  1. New viper language support added to the smart contract base, is now in benchmark testing.
  2. Inter-node communication is faster by reducing the size of transmitted data through grpc, which will be fully replaced in the second phase of the main network.
  3. The verification of trust between proxy nodes is ensured by CA certificates with RSA symmetric encryption through cryptography theory.
  4. The new multi-asset solution transformation is complete. Its storage optimization and intelligent contract customizable and personalized design interface are complete. The testing phase has started.
  5. Researching on the multi-chain & cross-chain communication features, interacting with the cross-chain communication protocol is complete. The practical coding stage has started.
  6. The smart contract data splitting scheme adopts the virtual node data fragmentation mechanism and enters the development stage.
  7. Researched QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) communication protocol to optimize message transmission on P2P networks and is 45% complete.
  8. Investigated zero-knowledge proof zk-SNARKs technology to further enhance the privacy of on-chain transactions.

【Community Development】

  1. The Achain Galaxy has entered into a strategic partnership with Grabity, a well-known Korean project. In 2018, Grabity is Korea’s first Blockchain Scramble who won first place and has an outstanding technical team. The two sides plan to jointly build a one-stop blockchain technology service consulting platform for China and Korea, committed to providing Asia-centric secure and reliable blockchain data services.
  2. KuCoin Exchange opens the AOA-USDT trading pair. In order to meet the trading needs of overseas users, Kucoin Exchange has opened the AOA-USDT trading pair this month. This leads to a 10% increase in AOA.
  3. On June 18, Aurora Chain participated in the first offline Meet-Up of 2020 in Seoul, South Korea, causing the dong. The strong interest from regional blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts has laid a good foundation for Aurora, whose subsequent deep plowing into Korea. Foundation. The Meet-Up hosted by Korean forum Hashnet Blockchain, is a post-epidemic Korean First offline event held, all blockchain enthusiasts present wear masks and keep a safe distance, and Korean blockchain industry gradually gets on the right track.
  4. Aurora Chain’s outreach materials have been completely updated with new content and design based on the project’s latest progress, helping newcomers to the community around the world understand AOA more quickly and helping the project to expand globally!
  5. Aurora and members of the galaxy were invited to participate in “2020 Blockchain Application Innovation Conference”, “Golden Shenzhen Fry Festival”, “Beep NEWS Star and Sea Cocktail Party”, “ Midsummer Night Private Cocktail Party” and many other industry communication and exchange activities, and are preparing for the upcoming Hangzhou Blockchain Week.
  6. Aurora was invited to participate in the Shenzhen Blockchain Week, and in the face of the normalization of global epidemic prevention, Aurora hopes that blockchain technology can help solve the problem of food safety traceability and human flow information tracking, to help prevent epidemics.
  7. The fourth phase of Aurora Overseas Twitter “AOA Giveaway” event has started, and find more details here:
  8. Attention: We have received feedback from users that some people are using Achain (ACT) for false advertising and other unscrupulous activities. We are here to remind our community users to improve your discernment skills and not to fall prey to scams.

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