Aurora Monthly Update | July 1–31, 2020

【Technology Development】

1) Adding new viper language support to the smart contract base is now in benchmark testing and 15% complete.

2) The new multi-asset solution transformation is ongoing and 10% complete.

3)Research QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) communication protocol to optimize message transmission on P2P networks and 55% complete.

4)Inter-node communication is faster by reducing the size of transmitted data through grpc, which will be fully replaced in the second phase of the main network.

5)The verification of trust between proxy nodes is ensured by CA certificates with RSA symmetric encryption through cryptography theory.

6) The smart contract data splitting scheme adopts the virtual node data fragmentation mechanism and enters the development stage to address the uneven data distribution status by consistency hashing and virtual link points.

7) Investigated zero-knowledge proof zk-SNARKs technology to further enhance the privacy of on-chain transactions.

【Community Development】

  1. Aurora chain was listed on Cashierest, a well-known exchange in South Korea, on July 21st. AOA was welcomed by the majority of blockchain investors in South Korea, where AOA has gradually accumulated great influence. In the future, there will be more exchanges that support the AOA project.
  2. Aurora Overseas Twitter “AOA Giveaway 04” Phase 4 has ended and the rewards have been distributed:
  3. AOA Aurora Chain and DVP (Decentralized Vulnerability Platform) form a strategic partnership to maintain security in the blockchain industry.
  4. AOA was featured in Indonesian financial media by KONTAN NEWS reported “Many cryptocurrency investors are in the new normal era”.
  5. AOA and the members of Achain Galaxy were invited by 8btc Hangzhou International Blockchain Week to participate in “Embracing the New Wave of Industry”, “Boiling Wine with Plum”, “Not Far from Hangzhou” and other activities, and discussed the future with the blockchain industrial elites.
  6. On July 24, AOA participated in the “2020 OnChain Fintech” conference in South Korea and exchanged ideas with well-known Korean blockchain projects and blockchain development enthusiasts.
  7. On July 29th, Achain Galaxy prospective member Attila (ATT) listed on Indodax, Indonesia’s Largest Exchange and announced by the media companies Blockmanity, DailyHodl, and Coinspeaker with the press release titles respectively “Attila will be Listed on Indodax, Marking Its Market Expansion to Asia” “Blockchain+Social, Attila is Leading the New Trend of Blockchain Application”.

[Notice] In the future, Achain Galaxy will be posting a bi-monthly report on the project’s progress and other relevant summaries on the project’s Twitter page.