Aurora Monthly Update | February 1–29, 2020

【Technology Development】

1. The TOP agent completed its initial seed node verification interconnection through the signature algorithm and is 85% complete.

2. The implementation of the Protocol Buffer for the transaction structure has integrated into RPC and testing has passed. This feature will replace other functions and is 65% complete.

3. Tentatively adopted a pledge coinage mode to support asset transfer between multiple chains. The testing phase has started.

4. The new multi-asset solution transformation is complete. Its storage optimization and intelligent contract customizable personalized design interface is complete. The testing phase has started.

5. Researching multi-chain & cross-chain communication features interacting with the cross-chain communication protocol is complete. The practical coding stage has started.

6. The smart contract data splitting scheme adopts the virtual node data fragmentation mechanism and enters the development stage.

7. Researched QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) communication protocol to optimize message transmission on P2P networks is 30% complete.

8. Investigated zero-knowledge proof zk-SNARKs technology to further enhance the privacy of on-chain transactions.

【Community Development】

1. Aurora overseas Twitter “AOA Giveaway 2020” regular airdrop event is open once a week. For detailed event rules, please see:

2. Achain Galaxy announced the 2020 Roadmap. Visit for more details:

3. Achain Galaxy is preparing for the first AMA event in 2020.

4. Aurora and Korean blockchain public relations company Gravitera further deepen cooperation. Gravitera has a rich community and media resources in South Korea. Gravitera and will provide both Achain and Achain Galaxy members with support for landing in South Korea.

5. A number of game developers and DApp service providers are actively contacting the Achain Foundation and plan to develop a series of smart contracts based on the Achain 2.0 mainnet to provide users with more application scenarios and experiences.

6. The Achain galaxy has added another industry leader as a member as Eminer (EM) announced that it has officially joined the Achain galaxy. The relevant information was reported by the blockchain media BiShijie and BiKuaibao. Deepchain Finance commented on Eminer’s joining the Achain galaxy, “Eminer announced that it has officially joined the Achain galaxy. Does the top-level blockchain ecology emerge?”. Blockmanity, a well-known overseas blockchain media, also released news, “ Eminer joins Achain Galaxy, bringing Disruptive Cryptocurrency Mining Technologies to Achain “, indicating that Achain’s international layout has taken another solid step.

7. Aurora and Yunding Hualian Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation to accelerate the ecological distribution of computing power.

8. Galaxy researchers release popular blockchain science article “On Zero-Knowledge Proof.”

9. Achain Galaxy’s project Eminer (EM) officially launches on Bithumb, South Korea’s largest exchange.

10. Acapital completes a new round of fundraising to increase research and investment in the field of future blockchain applications to expand its business to South Korea and North America to further promote Achain Galaxy’s development and growth.

11. ※ Note ※

The Aurora chain has no official airdrop robot activities or obtains AOA activities by sending ETH to the specified address.

The only official English Telegram group:


Official AOA contract ID:



Telegram fake groups and airdrop bots:





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