Aurora Monthly Report (2019.10.01–10.31)

【Technology Development】

Aurora Main-chain development:

  1. The ring signature algorithm function has passed testing, and the agent verification has begun. The simulated network partition has been built and edge testing is 60% complete.
  2. The TOP agent completed its initial seed node verification interconnection through the signature algorithm and is 45% complete.
  3. Protocol buffer implementation for the transaction structure has integrated into RPC, which has passed testing, will replace other functions and is 40% complete.
  4. Formulate an asset transfer plan between multiple chains, tentatively adopting the pledge coinage mode. Planning is 80% complete.
  5. The new multi-asset solution is complete. Its storage optimization and intelligent contract customizable personalized design interface are 70% complete.
  6. Multi-chain & cross-chain communication development for a cross-chain communication protocol is 88% complete.
  7. The smart contract data splitting scheme initially adopts the virtual node data fragmentation mechanism. The main roles of the scheme are virtual ring nodes, slots, and contract data. The specific scheme needs to be further finalized.
  8. Researched QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) communication protocol for optimizing message transmission on p2p networks.
  9. Serialized module refactoring optimization to further improve the performance of the main network.

【Community Development】

1. The overseas community Twitter event “Type Aurora” is complete. The list of events is being sorted out, and awards as scheduled to be distributed in early November.

2. The Aurora team participated in the JinSe Finance held in Shenzhen, where industry partners exchanged ideas on blockchain investment and community building.

3. The Aurora team participated in the“Mobile Technology and Digital Economy Development Summit” hosted by the Beijing Electronics Society Computer Committee on October 25th, where Industry experts and enterprise experts analyzed the current development of the digital economy industry and shared the latest 5G era technologies.

4. The Aurora team participated in the Crypto Meetup held in Shenzhen to discuss blockchain technical development and community building with the participants.

5. Galaxy Bounty System released the latest “Aurora Chain Activity Volunteer” task details. Click the link for details:

6. The Aurora team participated in the China Science and Technology Innovation Forum held in Beijing on October 24th, to listen to the deep interpretation topic of industrial transformation and opportunity within big data, cloud computing and blockchain empowerment.

7. The overseas Reddit Forum [Aurora] 3rd Reddit Quiz — September 26th, 2019 event is over and the reward distribution is completed. Click the link for details:

8. The Chinese and English bilingual AOA white papers v.2.0 are completed and will be updated on the official website.

9. Aurora representatives participated in the Global Decentralized Financial Technology Summit “Meeting Rongcheng, Decoding DeFi” sponsored by the Bi Shijie on October 27th in Chengdu.

10. The Aurora team participated in the 2019 (2nd) China Financial Technology Industry Summit held in Beijing on October 31st. The China Science and Technology Institute & Cooperatives released a series of white papers on financial technology and examples of financial technology innovation applications.


Aurora Chain Official has no recent “airdrop robot activity” or “acquired AOA activity”. Recently a group of con artists appeared in the Aurora Chain Official Telegram and convinced Aurora community members to send ETH to a specified, fraudulent address. In order to avoid your property loss, please do not participate in such activities and beware of these deceptions!!!

The official unique English Telegram group:


Official AOA Contract ID:0x9ab165d795019b6d8b3e971dda91071421305e5a


Few of the fake telegram groups and aerial robots we found recently are:



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