Aurora Monthly Report (2019.08.01–08.31)

【Technology Development】

Aurora White Paper Upgrade:

  1. Completed the upgrade of the AOA white paper which focuses on the AOA technology ecosystem and the development of blockchain solutions.
  2. AOA will establish a decentralized digital identity based on a high-performance, high-availability blockchain. The solution design has been completed and is currently under development.
  3. AOA’s APP wallet upgrade has an offline wallet function and offers more hosting features including DApp market entry, a decentralized user system, and a blockchain integration display.

Aurora Main-chain development

  1. The function of the ring signature algorithm has passed testing and the agent verification has started. The golden path of this function has been verified so we will shift our focus on load testing and testing edge case scenarios by simulating the construction of network partitions.
  2. The TOP agent completed its initial seed node verification interconnection through the signature algorithm. It is forward-verified each time and must be re-authenticated after each disconnection. This mechanism will ensure the TOP layer link security.
  3. Protocol buffer implementation for the transaction structure has been tested for use on RPC which is now being used to upgrade similar functions.
  4. The smart contract data splitting survey was completed and the program has started. The solution focuses on data loading, data migration, data fast verification, and private data directed transmission.
  5. The design of the virtual machine integration bus is completed and the program is formulated. The focus is on a configurable multi-virtual machine that can be customized and adapted to the contract transaction lazy loading analysis mode.
  6. Start EWASM integration and adaption to the virtual machine integration bus.
  7. Multi-chain & cross-chain communication development for a cross-chain communication protocol is 70% complete.
  8. Formulate an asset transfer plan between multiple chains which is tentatively adopting the pledge coinage mode and is 65% complete.
  9. The new multi-asset solution is complete. The storage aspect optimization and intelligent contract customizable interface for personalized design is 55% completed.

Community Development:

1.AOA is approved by Ethfinex/Bitfinex and is eligible to participate in Ethfinex/Bitfinex voting. The Aurora team will be 100% prepared with other members of the Achain Galaxy. Community members will be invited to support the Aurora project!

2.Overseas community Twitter August 1st event “Guess the AOA ranking on CMC” event ended, the event reward has been distributed to the award-winning user AOA DApp wallet account ~

3.Aurora was invited to participate in the offline hackathon marathon sponsored by DVP with the theme of “blockchain security evolution”, dedicated to making the world of blockchain safer.

4.On August 14th, AOA established a strategic partnership with the CoinPriceToday platform. CoinPriceToday is a platform for the public to freely comment on the value of each project investment. For more details, please visit:

5.Aurora published in community release: [Reply to the coin + prize collection] [Aurora chain] “AOA and I” article collection of 10,000 AOA activities, welcome everyone to participate.
More details:

6.AOA team participated in the “ChainUP & HiCoin National Tour — Beijing Station” meetup, which was filled with #blockchain influencers, project entrepreneurs, blockchain media and blockchain implementing companies.

7.Overseas Community Twitter The “Monday Bounty” event in the 4th week of August has ended. The list of winners is being compiled. It is expected to be awarded within 3 working days. More details:

8.Achain team participated in a Science & Technology project roadshow in China that was filled with the delegates of tech startups and well-known experts in the fields of scientific research, investment, etc, to discuss future blockchain cooperation.

9.AOA team participated in the 5G Technology Summit of 2019 held by IFENG and listened to the speakers’ discussion on the changes brought about by 5G tech to determine the effective integration of blockchain & 5G to leverage the heavy promotion of 5G technology.

10. The latest mission of the Galaxy Bounty Hunter system is to recruit Aurora multi-language translation proofreading. Those who are interested can send an email to for registration. For details, please visit:

11.AOA team was invited to participate in the “Link Future Power” series of cocktails hosted by BoLian Finance and YangTuo Blockchain to conduct business exchanges with media partners.

12.AOA team participated in the launching ceremony of the 7th CCF BDCI 2019 CONTEST held at Peking University where they listened to the experts share contest problems and had a friendly discussion with entrepreneurs, enthusiasts & practitioners of big data and AI.

13.AOA was invited to participate in POW’ER 2019 Global Blockchain Developer Conference hosted by Mars Finance and listen to many co-founders discuss the latest technologies: blockchain, digital economy, AI & IoT. Additionally, Achain was invited to a private cocktail party by MXC exchange.

14. Verdict, an overseas media outlet, interviewed Aurora founder Zhao Meijun and published an article entitled “China, blockchain and the crypto “double-edged sword?”.

15. The overseas Spanish Telegram ( community conducted two Q&A events titled“Quiz Event” in August and the awards have been issued.


The Aurora project white paper version 2.0 elaborates the ecological architecture, economic model and more.


Aurora Chain Official has no recent “airdrop robot activity” or “acquired AOA activity”. Recently a group of con artists appeared in the Aurora Chain Official Telegram and convinced Aurora community members to send ETH to a specified fraudulent address. In order to avoid your property loss, please do not participate in such activities and beware of these deceptions!!!

The official unique English Telegram group:


Official AOA Contract ID:0x9ab165d795019b6d8b3e971dda91071421305e5a


Telegram fake group and aerial robot:





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