Aurora Blockchain Ecosystem Welcomes Another Major Partner

Recently, Aurora and LinkEye have established a strategic partnership for blockchain technology. LinkEye will share resources and build a community with Aurora, and provide data support and services for the Aurora mainnet through its own oracle technology to jointly create a top-level blockchain ecosystem.

Aurora (AOA) is a decentralized application platform based on the third-generation blockchain technology, dedicated to providing mature blockchain technology solutions for the entire industry. Aurora’s purpose is to integrate blockchain into different industries such as finance, e-commerce, gaming, and the Internet of Things. Aurora’s original Themis consensus mechanism uses scalable technology for the main network and the entire ecosystem, supports multi-chain operation, and can build a bridge between blockchain and gaming, e-commerce, finance and other industries.

As Aurora has a strong community foundation in South Korea, it will help LinkEye to expand its influence in South Korea. At the same time, LinkEye, as another partner of Aurora, can not only contribute to Aurora’s blockchain development, at the same time strengthens the influence of Aurora project in the global market. In terms of technology, both parties can learn from each other and jointly solve the difficulties and challenges faced by blockchain technology in the future.

LinkEye (LET), as an innovative global blockchain data service platform, provides trusted offline data on the chain through its built blockchain data center and blockchain oracle mechanism, providing services for lending and transactions Trusted data service. LinkEye has landed on Huobi, OKEx, Indodax and other platforms.

The partnership between Aurora and LinkEye will definitely bring unlimited possibilities for the future development of both parties. Let us expect a greater future for both parties.

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