AOA Bi-monthly Technology Development Update | August-September, 2020

1) New viper language support for smart contract underlying layer, benchmarking progress is 25% complete.

2) New multi-asset solution in development, 30% complete.

3) Research QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) communication protocol for p2p network message transmission optimization, 65% complete.

4) Reduce the size of transmitted data through GRPC to improve the speed of communication between nodes, 10% complete.

5) Trust verification between proxy nodes is done by CA certificate with RSA symmetric encryption. Cryptography theory research to ensure the verification of trust between nodes, 10% complete.

6) Smart contract data splitting scheme through consistency hash with virtual link points has entered the development stage. This solution to the uneven distribution of data status quo is 5% complete.

7) Investe the zero-knowledge proof zk-SNARKs technology to further strengthen the privacy of chain transactions is 15% complete.

8) Investigate BLS signatures to enrich the functionality of the existing cryptographic base library ECDSA.

9) Smart contract version from v 0.4.25, upgraded to v 0.4.26 to support cryptographic function calls inside the contract, 100% complete.

10) Wasm contract development library aoa-std development, 30% complete.

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