Dear community,

We are happy to tell you that after the full development and unremitting efforts of the Aurora core team, we have finally completed the construction of the Aurorachain network, and the Aurora mainnet has now officially launched. You can access the block explorer via Regarding the token exchange issue caused by the mainnet upgrade, the specific policies implemented are as follows:

1. Exchange users

We are cooperating with exchanges such as Bithumb, KuCoin, and Indodax to support the exchange of AOA tokens from ERC20 to the Aurora mainnet at a 1:1 ratio, which is expected to start in June 2021. The exact timetable of different exchanges will vary, and the specific rules are subject to the exchange announcement.

2. Wallet users

Such currency holders can send an email to Aurora’s official mailbox for exchange.

The upgrade of the Aurora mainnet this time has achieved a qualitative leap in Aurorachain, which specifically achieved the following major functions:

1. The network TPS reaches 3000+, which can fully meet the current concurrency of transactions on the chain.

2. Compatible with ETH, BSC, and HECO ecosystems, and can achieve cooperation between cross-chain ecosystems.

3. DPOS community management, decentralized community management, making community management more fair and transparent.

4. P2P message interaction is more efficient, and the interaction between agent nodes will be more secure.

We believe that even if Aurora’s mainnet is officially launched, the journey of all of us is not over, this is just another beginning. Because we now have a secure and scalable infrastructure, we can add new features and protocols to it. In the future, we will continue to optimize the on-chain experience, strengthen on-chain data storage, and support a richer smart contract system, so as to create a more prosperous Aurora ecosystem. All of this requires you to witness its realization together with us.

Finally, we sincerely thank you again for your continued support to the Aurora project. It is your strength that gives us the confidence to make the project better! I hope we can work together to create a better future!

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