1) Smart contract version upgraded from v 0.7.0, to v 0.7.4, build function removed public keyword.

2) Research EIP-3159, support NFT homogenization.

3) Aurora add ethereum account system 10% complete.

4) Wasm contract development library aoa-std is under development, 80% completed.

5) Inter-node communication is done by grpc to reduce…

Recently, Aurora and LinkEye have established a strategic partnership for blockchain technology. LinkEye will share resources and build a community with Aurora, and provide data support and services for the Aurora mainnet through its own oracle technology to jointly create a top-level blockchain ecosystem.

Aurora (AOA) is a decentralized application…

1)Smart contract version upgraded from v 0.6.0, to v 0.7.0, supporting the use of create2 opcode

2) Research Ethereum 1559 market cost impact and practicality.

3)New support for EIP-3158 and EIP-3129 protocols in the main network EVM.

4)Wasm contract development library aoa-std is under development, 75% completed

5)Inter-node communication is…

Dear community,

We are happy to tell you that after the full development and unremitting efforts of the Aurora core team, we have finally completed the construction of the Aurorachain network, and the Aurora mainnet has now officially launched. You can access the block explorer via https://browser.aurorachain.io.

Regarding the network marketing procedures involved in AOA mentioned in a recent article, the #AOA Foundation solemnly declares here: AOA has not participated in any network marketing project and has no knowledge of the project, so it is hereby announced.

1) Smart Contract version upgraded from v 0.5.0, to v 0.6.0, support ABI Encode V2 use.

2)Wasm contract development library aoa-std under development, 55% completed.

3)Research on QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) communication protocol, used to optimize the p2p network message transmission, 85% completed.

4)Inter-node communication is done by grpc…


Creating a Bright and Colorful Blockchain World. For more details, please visit https://www.aurorachain.io/

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